From 35䷢ to 20䷓, changes at lines 5, 4.

35䷢晉 Prospering Jìn

☲火🔥 Fire
☷地🌎 Earth

明出地上,晉; 君子以自昭明德。

The sun rises over the earth: Prospering. Superior people brighten their bright virtue.

晉: 康侯用錫馬蕃庶, 晝日三接。

Prospering: The powerful official is honored with many horses. In a single day they are granted audience three times.

Line 5

悔亡,失得勿恤, 往吉,无不利。

Regret vanishes. Do not mind gain or loss. Acting brings good fortune & benefit in everything.

Line 4


Prospering like a bushy-tailed rodent. To continue brings danger.

20䷓觀 Contemplation Guān

☴風🍃 Wind
☷地🌎 Earth


Wind blowing over the earth: Contemplation.
Ancient rulers visited their territories,
observed the people, & gave instruction.


Contemplation: The hand-washing ritual is completed,
but the sacrifice is still to come.
All done & looked upon with sincerity.