From 40䷧ to 17䷐, changes at lines 5, 2, 1.

40䷧解 Liberation Xiè

☳雷⚡ Thunder
☵水🌊 Water

雷雨作,解; 君子以赦過宥罪。

Thunder & rain set in: Liberation. Superior people forgive mistakes & misdeeds.

解: 利西南,无所往, 其來復吉。 有攸往,夙吉。

Liberation: The southwest is beneficial. If going nowhere, returning brings good fortune. If going somewhere, going quickly leads to good fortune.

Line 5

君子維有解,吉; 有孚于小人。

The superior person releases themself: good fortune. There is sincerity towards small people.

Line 2

田獲三狐, 得黃矢,貞吉。

Catching three foxes on a hunt with golden arrows. Perseverance brings good fortune.

Line 1


No blame.

17䷐隨 Following Suí

☱澤🏞 Lake
☳雷⚡ Thunder


Thunder in the middle of the lake: Following.
Superior people, at nightfall, go indoors for rest & recuperation.


Following: Supreme success.
Perseverance furthers.
No blame.