From 13䷌ to 25䷘, change at line 3.

13䷌同人 Fellowship Tóng Rén

☰天🌌 Heaven
☲火🔥 Fire

天與火,同人; 君子以類族辨物。

Heaven & fire: Fellowship; Superior people distinguish things in terms of categories & groups.

同人 : 于野,亨。 利涉大川,利君子貞。

Fellowship: In the open countryside. Success. Beneficial to cross the great river. Beneficial for superior people to continue.

Line 3

伏戎于莽, 升其高陵, 三歲不興。

They hide arms in the bushes. They climb to the summit of a hill. For three years, no action.

25䷘无妄 Innocence Wú Wàng

☰天🌌 Heaven
☳雷⚡ Thunder


Under heaven thunder rolls: all things attain
the natural state of Innocence.
Ancient rulers, rich in virtue & in harmony with the time,
fostered & nourished all beings.

无妄: 元亨,利貞。

Innocence: Sublime success. It is beneficial to be correct.
If not correct, there will be disaster.
Not beneficial to go anywhere.