From 3䷂ to 63䷾, change at line 3.

3䷂屯 Initial Difficulty Zhūn

☵水🌊 Water
☳雷⚡ Thunder

雲,雷,屯; 君子以經綸。

Clouds & thunder: Difficulty; Superior people bring order out of confusion.

屯:元亨,利貞, 勿用有攸往,利建侯。

Difficulty: Great success. Benefecial to persevere. Action should not be undertaken lightly. It is beneficial to set up a leader.

Line 3

即鹿无虞, 惟入于林中, 君子幾不如舍, 往吝。

Pursuing deer without a guide: a hunter gets lost in the forest. Superior people perceive they must stay where they are when going forward would lead to trouble.

63䷾既濟 After Completion Jì Jì

☵水🌊 Water
☲火🔥 Fire


Water above fire: After Completion.
Superior people ponder danger & take precautions against it.

既濟: 亨,小利貞,

After Completion: Success in small matters. Perseverance furthers.
At the beginning good fortune, at the end disorder.