From 46䷭ to 23䷖, changes at lines 6, 3, 2.

46䷭升 Ascending Shēng

☷地🌎 Earth
☴風🍃 Wind

地中生木,升; 君子以順德,積小以高大。

Within earth, wood grows: Ascending. Superior people of devoted character heap up small things in order to achieve great things.

升: 元亨,用見大人, 勿恤,南征吉。

Ascending: Supreme success. It is essential to see a great person, so there will be no grief. Progressing towards the south brings good fortune.

Line 6

冥升, 利于不息之貞。

Ascending in darkness. Beneficial to be unceasingly persevering.

Line 3


Ascending into an empty city.

Line 2

孚乃利用禴, 无咎。

If sincere, beneficial to perform a ceremony.

23䷖剝 Splitting Apart

☶山🏔 Mountain
☷地🌎 Earth


Mountain rests on earth: Splitting Apart.
Those above secure their position by giving generously to those below.

剝: 不利有攸往。

Splitting Apart: Not advantageous to undertake anything.