From 42䷩ to 20䷓, change at line 1.

42䷩益 Increase

☴風🍃 Wind
☳雷⚡ Thunder

風雷,益; 君子以見善則遷,有過則改。

Wind & thunder: Increase. Superior people, when they see good, they imitate it; when they see faults, they rid themselves of them.

益: 利有攸往,利涉大川。

Increase: Beneficial to undertake something. Beneficial to cross the great river.

Line 1

利用為大作, 元吉,无咎。

Beneficial to accomplish great deeds. Great good fortune. No blame.

20䷓觀 Contemplation Guān

☴風🍃 Wind
☷地🌎 Earth


Wind blowing over the earth: Contemplation.
Ancient rulers visited their territories,
observed the people, & gave instruction.


Contemplation: The hand-washing ritual is completed,
but the sacrifice is still to come.
All done & looked upon with sincerity.