From 45䷬ to 53䷴, changes at lines 6, 4, 3.

45䷬萃 Gathering Together Cuì

☱澤🏞 Lake
☷地🌎 Earth

澤上於地,萃; 君子以除戎器,戒不虞。

Lake over earth: Gathering Together. Superior people renew their weapons in order to meet the unforeseen.

萃: 亨。王假有廟, 利見大人,亨,利貞。 用大牲吉,利有攸往。

Gathering Together: Success. A ruler approaches their temple. Beneficial to see a great person. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. Bringing great offerings creates good fortune. Beneficial to undertake something.

Line 6

齎咨涕洟, 无咎。

Lamenting & sighing, floods of tears. No blame.

Line 4


Great good fortune. No blame.

Line 3

萃如,嗟如, 无攸利,往无咎, 小吝。

Gathering with deep sighs. No benefit for an undertaking. Go without blame. Slight humiliation.

53䷴漸 Gradual Progress Jiàn

☴風🍃 Wind
☶山🏔 Mountain


On the mountain, a tree: Gradual Progress.
Superior people abide in dignity & virtue, in order to improve customs.

漸: 女歸吉,利貞。

Gradual Progress: The marriage of a maiden brings good fortune.
Persistence in a righteous course brings reward.