From 14䷍ to 31䷞, changes at lines 6, 5, 2, 1.

14䷍大有 Wealth Dà Yǒu

☲火🔥 Fire
☰天🌌 Heaven

火在天上,大有; 君子以遏惡揚善,順天休命。

Fire above heaven: Wealth; Superior people repress evil & promote good. They abide by the will of heaven to enrich their life.


Wealth: Great progress & success.

Line 6

自天祐之, 吉无不利。

Blessed by heaven. Lucky. Beneficial.

Line 5


Trust is mutual. Power is auspicious. It is fortunate to be awesome.

Line 2

大車以載, 有攸往,无咎。

Loading the big wagon. Undertaking without blame.

Line 1

无交害,匪咎, 艱則无咎。

No contact with what is harmful. No blame. Remain conscious of difficulty; without fault.

31䷞咸 Influence Xián

☱澤🏞 Lake
☶山🏔 Mountain


Lake on top of a mountain: Influence.
With a humble manner, superior people receive others.

咸: 亨,利貞,取女吉。

Influence: Success. Perseverance furthers.
To marry a maiden brings good fortune.