From 43䷪ to 29䷜, changes at lines 4, 3, 1.

43䷪夬 Breakthrough Guài

☱澤🏞 Lake
☰天🌌 Heaven


The lake rising up to heaven: Breakthrough. Superior people dispense riches downward & refrain from resting on virtue.

夬: 揚于王庭,孚號, 有厲,告自邑, 不利即戎,利有攸往。

Breakthrough: Someone is proud in a ruler’s presence. The ruler trusts them. If one exposes the truth: danger. Tell one’s own people. Using force is not beneficial. Beneficial to do something new.

Line 4

臀无膚,其行次且。 牽羊悔亡,聞言不信。

No skin on the thighs. Walking comes hard. If a person were to be led like a sheep, remorse would disappear. Words heard are not believed.

Line 3

壯于頄,有凶。 君子夬夬,獨行, 遇雨,若濡, 有慍,无咎。

Power in the cheekbones brings misfortune. Superior people are firmly determined. Walking alone & caught in the rain. Soaked, people murmur against them. No blame.

Line 1

壯于前趾, 往不勝為咎。

Power & pride in toes moving forward. If one goes & lacks ability, they make a mistake.

29䷜坎 Dangerous Waters Kǎn

☵水🌊 Water
☵水🌊 Water


Water flowing continuously: Dangerous Waters.
Superior people constantly maintain the virtue of their heart
& the sincerity of their conduct.
They practice the business of instruction.

坎: 習坎,有孚,

Dangerous Waters: If you are sincere,
you have success in your heart.
There is excellence in practice.