64䷿未濟 Before Completion Wèi Jì

☲火🔥 Fire ☵水🌊 Water 火在水上,未濟; 君子以慎辨物居方。 Fire above water: Before Completion. Superior people carefully discern things & keep them in their place. 未濟: 亨,小狐汔濟, 濡其尾,无攸利。 Before Completion: Success. A small fox, having nearly crossed a river, gets its tail wet. Nothing beneficial.

63䷾既濟 After Completion Jì Jì

☵水🌊 Water ☲火🔥 Fire 水在火上,既濟; 君子以思患而預防之。 Water above fire: After Completion. Superior people ponder danger & take precautions against it. 既濟: 亨,小利貞, 初吉終亂。 After Completion: Success in small matters. Perseverance furthers. At the beginning good fortune, at the end disorder.

62䷽小過 Small Exceeding Xiǎo Guò

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☶山🏔 Mountain 山上有雷,小過; 君子以行過乎恭,喪過乎哀,用過乎儉。 Thunder over the mountain: Small Exceeding. Superior people’s conduct is overly humble. In mourning, they lament exceedingly. They are frugal in spending. 小過:亨,利貞,可小事, 不可大事。 飛鳥遺之音, 不宜上,宜下,大吉。 Small Exceeding: Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done; great things should not be done. A flying bird brings a message: It… Continue reading 62䷽小過 Small Exceeding Xiǎo Guò

61䷼中孚 Center Returning Zhōng Fú

☴風🍃 Wind ☱澤🏞 Lake 澤上有風,中孚; 君子以議獄緩死。 Wind over lake: Center Returning. Superior people discuss criminal cases in order to delay execution. 中孚: 豚魚吉, 利涉大川,利貞。 Center Returning: The piglet & fish are auspicious; harmonious. Beneficial to cross the great river. Beneficial to persevere.

60䷻節 Moderation Jié

☵水🌊 Water ☱澤🏞 Lake 澤上有水,節; 君子以制數度,議德行。 Water above the lake: Moderation. Superior people establish number & measure. They deliberate about conduct & virtue. 節: 亨。苦節,不可貞。 Moderation: Success. Severe moderation should not be continued.

59䷺渙 Dispersion Huàn

☴風🍃 Wind ☵水🌊 Water 風行水上,渙; 先王以享于帝立廟。 Wind blows above water: Dispersion. Ancient rulers honored God and set up shrines. 渙: 亨。 王假有廟, 利涉大川,利貞。 Dispersion: Success. A ruler approaches the temple. Beneficial to cross the great river. Beneficial to continue.

58䷹兌 Joy Duì

☱澤🏞 Lake ☱澤🏞 Lake 麗澤,兌; 君子以朋友講習。 Lakes resting on one another: Joy. Superior people join with friends for discussion & practice. 兌: 亨,利貞。 Joy: Success. Beneficial to be persevering.

57䷸巽 Gentleness Xùn

☴風🍃 Wind ☴風🍃 Wind 隨風,巽; 君子以申命行事。 Wind following wind: Gentleness. Superior people articulate directions & carry out tasks. 巽: 小亨,利攸往, 利見大人。 Gentleness: Success in small matters. Advantageous to have a goal; Advantageous to visit a great person.

56䷷旅 Wandering

☲火🔥 Fire ☶山🏔 Mountain 山上有火,旅; 君子以明慎用刑, 而不留獄。 Mountain below fire: Wandering. Superior people are careful & clever in imposing punishments. They do not delay the cases brought. 旅: 小亨,旅貞吉。 Wandering: Small success. Continuing leads to good fortune.

55䷶豐 Abundance Fēng

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☲火🔥 Fire 雷電皆至,豐; 君子以折獄致刑。 Thunder & lightning: Abundance. Superior people judge lawsuits & impose punishments. 豐: 亨,王假之, 勿憂,宜日中。 Abundance: Success. A ruler attains greatness without sadness; they should be like the sun at midday.

54䷵歸妹 Marriage Guī Mèi

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☱澤🏞 Lake 澤上有雷,歸妹; 君子以永終知敝。 Lake below thunder: Marriage. Superior people understand the transitory in light of the eternity of the end. 歸妹: 征凶,无攸利。 Marriage: Advancing brings misfortune. It is favorable to have no goal in mind.

53䷴漸 Gradual Progress Jiàn

☴風🍃 Wind ☶山🏔 Mountain 山上有木,漸; 君子以居賢德,善俗。 On the mountain, a tree: Gradual Progress. Superior people abide in dignity & virtue, in order to improve customs. 漸: 女歸吉,利貞。 Gradual Progress: The marriage of a maiden brings good fortune. Persistence in a righteous course brings reward.

52䷳艮 Keeping Still Gèn

☶山🏔 Mountain ☶山🏔 Mountain 兼山,艮; 君子以思不出其位。 Mountains standing close together: Keeping Still. Superior people’s thoughts do not go beyond their situation. 艮: 艮其背,不獲其身, 行其庭,不見其人,无咎。 Keeping Still: Keeping the back still as to no longer feel one’s body. Going into the courtyard, but not seeing people. No blame.

51䷲震 Shock Zhèn

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☳雷⚡ Thunder 洊雷,震; 君子以恐懼脩省。 Thunder repeated: Shock. In fear & trembling, superior people set their life in order & examine themselves. 震: 亨。震來虩虩,笑言啞啞。震驚百里,不喪匕鬯。 Shock: Success. Thunder comes with a terrible noise, laughing & shouting in awesome glee, frightening people for a hundred miles around. The sacrificial wine is not spilt.

50䷱鼎 The Cauldron Dǐng

☲火🔥 Fire ☴風🍃 Wind 木上有火,鼎; 君子以正位凝命。 Fire over wood: The Cauldron. Superior people consolidate fate by correcting their position. 鼎: 元吉,亨。 The Cauldron: Great good fortune. Success.

49䷰革 Revolution

☱澤🏞 Lake ☲火🔥 Fire 澤中有火,革; 君子以治歷明時。 Fire in the lake: Revolution. Superior people set the calendar in order & make the seasons clear. 革: 巳日乃孚, 元亨利貞,悔亡。 Revolution: On your own day you are believed. Great success, furthered through perseverance. Remorse disappears.

48䷯井 The Well Jǐng

☵水🌊 Water ☴風🍃 Wind 木上有水,井; 君子以勞民勸相。 Water over wood: The Well. Superior people encourage others at their work. They encourage others to help one another. 井:改邑不改井, 无喪无得,往來井井。 汔至,亦未繘井, 羸其瓶,凶。 The Well: A town may be changed, but not the well. Neither decrease nor increase. They come & go & draw from the well. If one… Continue reading 48䷯井 The Well Jǐng

47䷮困 Confining Kùn

☱澤🏞 Lake ☵水🌊 Water 澤无水,困; 君子以致命遂志。 A lake with no water: Confining. Superior people live life to the full to achieve their aim. 困: 亨,貞,大人吉, 无咎,有言不信。 Confining: Success. Perseverance. A great person brings good fortune. No blame. Spoken words are not believed.

46䷭升 Ascending Shēng

☷地🌎 Earth ☴風🍃 Wind 地中生木,升; 君子以順德,積小以高大。 Within earth, wood grows: Ascending. Superior people of devoted character heap up small things in order to achieve great things. 升: 元亨,用見大人, 勿恤,南征吉。 Ascending: Supreme success. It is essential to see a great person, so there will be no grief. Progressing towards the south brings good fortune.

45䷬萃 Gathering Together Cuì

☱澤🏞 Lake ☷地🌎 Earth 澤上於地,萃; 君子以除戎器,戒不虞。 Lake over earth: Gathering Together. Superior people renew their weapons in order to meet the unforeseen. 萃: 亨。王假有廟, 利見大人,亨,利貞。 用大牲吉,利有攸往。 Gathering Together: Success. A ruler approaches their temple. Beneficial to see a great person. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. Bringing great offerings creates good fortune. Beneficial to undertake something.

44䷫姤 Temptation Gòu

☰天🌌 Heaven ☴風🍃 Wind 天下有風,姤; 后以施命誥四方。 The wind under the sky: Temptation. Rulers announce directives in all directions. 姤: 女壯,勿用取女。 Temptation: Women wield the power. Do not marry.

43䷪夬 Breakthrough Guài

☱澤🏞 Lake ☰天🌌 Heaven 澤上于天,夬;君子以施祿及下,居德則忌。 The lake rising up to heaven: Breakthrough. Superior people dispense riches downward & refrain from resting on virtue. 夬: 揚于王庭,孚號, 有厲,告自邑, 不利即戎,利有攸往。 Breakthrough: Someone is proud in a ruler’s presence. The ruler trusts them. If one exposes the truth: danger. Tell one’s own people. Using force is not beneficial. Beneficial… Continue reading 43䷪夬 Breakthrough Guài

42䷩益 Increase

☴風🍃 Wind ☳雷⚡ Thunder 風雷,益; 君子以見善則遷,有過則改。 Wind & thunder: Increase. Superior people, when they see good, they imitate it; when they see faults, they rid themselves of them. 益: 利有攸往,利涉大川。 Increase: Beneficial to undertake something. Beneficial to cross the great river.

41䷨損 Decrease Sǔn

☶山🏔 Mountain ☱澤🏞 Lake 山下有澤,損; 君子以懲忿窒欲。 At the foot of a mountain, a lake: Decrease. Superior people control anger & restrain desires. 損: 有孚,元吉,无咎, 可貞,利有攸往。 曷之用,二簋可用享。 Decrease: Sincerity brings great good fortune without blame. Be persevering in this. Beneficial to undertake something. How is it to be carried out? Use two small bowls for the… Continue reading 41䷨損 Decrease Sǔn

40䷧解 Liberation Xiè

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☵水🌊 Water 雷雨作,解; 君子以赦過宥罪。 Thunder & rain set in: Liberation. Superior people forgive mistakes & misdeeds. 解: 利西南,无所往, 其來復吉。 有攸往,夙吉。 Liberation: The southwest is beneficial. If going nowhere, returning brings good fortune. If going somewhere, going quickly leads to good fortune.

39䷦蹇 Limping Jiǎn

☵水🌊 Water ☶山🏔 Mountain 山上有水,蹇; 君子以反身修德。 Water on the mountain: Limping. Superior people turn their attention inward to mold their character. 蹇: 利西南,不利東北; 利見大人,貞吉。 Limping: The southwest is beneficial. The northeast is not. Beneficial to see a great person. Continuing brings good fortune.

38䷥睽 Opposition Kuí

☲火🔥 Fire ☱澤🏞 Lake 上火下澤,睽; 君子以同而異。 Fire above, lake below: Opposition. Amid fellowship, superior people retain individuality. 睽: 小事吉。 Opposition: Good fortune in small matters.

37䷤家人 Family Jiā Rén

☴風🍃 Wind ☲火🔥 Fire 風自火出,家人; 君子以言有物,而行有恆。 Wind rising out of fire: Family. Superior people speak the truth & are consistent in behavior. 家人: 利女貞。 Family: Women’s persistence brings reward.

36䷣明夷 Brilliance Hidden Míng Yí

☷地🌎 Earth ☲火🔥 Fire 明入地中,明夷; 君子以蒞眾,用晦而明。 Brightness within the earth: Brilliance Hidden. In governing the people, superior people take care to conceal their light, but shine nevertheless. 明夷: 利艱貞。 Brilliance Hidden: Beneficial to persevere through difficulty.

35䷢晉 Prospering Jìn

☲火🔥 Fire ☷地🌎 Earth 明出地上,晉; 君子以自昭明德。 The sun rises over the earth: Prospering. Superior people brighten their bright virtue. 晉: 康侯用錫馬蕃庶, 晝日三接。 Prospering: The powerful official is honored with many horses. In a single day they are granted audience three times.

34䷡大壯 Great Strength Dà Zhuàng

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☰天🌌 Heaven 雷在天上,大壯; 君子以非禮勿履。 Thunder over heaven: Great Strength. Superior people do not tread upon paths that do not accord with established order. 大壯: 利貞。 Great Strength: Righteous persistence brings reward.

33䷠遯 Retreat Dùn

☰天🌌 Heaven ☶山🏔 Mountain 天下有山,遯; 君子以遠小人,不惡而嚴。 Mountain under heaven: Retreat. Superior people keep inferior people at a distance, not with ill will, but with dignity. 遯: 亨,小利貞。 Retreat: Success. Persistance in small matters is beneficial.

32䷟恆 Perseverance Héng

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☴風🍃 Wind 雷風,恆;君子以立不易方。 Thunder & wind: Perseverance. Superior people stand firm without changing direction. 恆: 亨,无咎,利貞, 利有攸往。 Perseverance: Success. No blame. Beneficial to continue. Movement in any direction is advantageous.

31䷞咸 Influence Xián

☱澤🏞 Lake ☶山🏔 Mountain 山上有澤,咸, 君子以虛受人。 Lake on top of a mountain: Influence. With a humble manner, superior people receive others. 咸: 亨,利貞,取女吉。 Influence: Success. Perseverance furthers. To marry a maiden brings good fortune.

30䷝離 Radiance

☲火🔥 Fire ☲火🔥 Fire 明兩作離, 大人以繼明照于四方。 Doubled brightness: Radiance. Great people perpetuate the light & illuminate the four corners of the universe. 離: 利貞,亨。 畜牝牛,吉。 Radiance: Righteous persistence brings reward & success. Rearing cows: good fortune.

29䷜坎 Dangerous Waters Kǎn

☵水🌊 Water ☵水🌊 Water 水洊至,習坎; 君子以常德行,習教事。 Water flowing continuously: Dangerous Waters. Superior people constantly maintain the virtue of their heart & the sincerity of their conduct. They practice the business of instruction. 坎: 習坎,有孚, 維心亨,行有尚。 Dangerous Waters: If you are sincere, you have success in your heart. There is excellence in practice.

28䷛大過 Great Exceeding Dà Guò

☱澤🏞 Lake ☴風🍃 Wind 澤滅木,大過; 君子以獨立不懼,遯世无悶。 Lake above trees: Great Exceeding. Superior people are unconcerned when alone. If they have to renounce the world, they feel no regret. 大過: 棟橈, 利有攸往,亨。 Great Exceeding: The ridgepole sags. Beneficial to have somewhere to go. Success.

27䷚頤 Nourishment

☶山🏔 Mountain ☳雷⚡ Thunder 山下有雷,頤; 君子以慎言語,節飲食。 Thunder rolling around the foot of the mountain: Nourishment. Superior people are cautious with their words; they restrain & regulate eating & drinking. 頤: 貞吉。觀頤, 自求口實。 Nourishment: Perseverance leads to good fortune. Observe the principle of nurturing & find proper food for nourishment.

26䷙大畜 Great Accumulating Dà Chù

☶山🏔 Mountain ☰天🌌 Heaven 天在山中,大畜; 君子以多識前言往行, 以畜其德。 Heaven within the mountain: Great Accumulating. Superior people study ancient knowledge to improve their character. 大畜: 利貞,不家食吉, 利涉大川。 Great Accumulating: Righteous persistance is favorable. Good fortune eating away from home. Beneficial to cross the great river.

25䷘无妄 Innocence Wú Wàng

☰天🌌 Heaven ☳雷⚡ Thunder 天下雷行,物與无妄; 先王以茂對時,育萬物。 Under heaven thunder rolls: all things attain the natural state of Innocence. Ancient rulers, rich in virtue & in harmony with the time, fostered & nourished all beings. 无妄: 元亨,利貞。 其匪正有眚,不利有攸往。 Innocence: Sublime success. It is beneficial to be correct. If not correct, there will be disaster. Not be… Continue reading 25䷘无妄 Innocence Wú Wàng

24䷗復 Returning

☷地🌎 Earth ☳雷⚡ Thunder 雷在地中,復; 先王以至日閉關, 商旅不行,后不省方。 Thunder in the middle of the earth: Returning. Ancient rulers closed the passes on winter solstice to prevent travelers from pursuing their journeys & officials from inspecting their states. 復: 亨。出入无疾, 朋來无咎。 反復其道,七日來復, 利有攸往。 Returning: Success. Going out & coming in without error. Friends arrive without blame. Back… Continue reading 24䷗復 Returning

23䷖剝 Splitting Apart

☶山🏔 Mountain ☷地🌎 Earth 山附地上,剝; 上以厚下,安宅。 Mountain rests on earth: Splitting Apart. Those above secure their position by giving generously to those below. 剝: 不利有攸往。 Splitting Apart: Not advantageous to undertake anything.

22䷕賁 Grace

☶山🏔 Mountain ☲火🔥 Fire 山下有火,賁; 君子以明庶政,无敢折獄。 Fire at the foot of the mountain: Grace. Superior people regulate people with enlightenment. But they dare not decide controversial issues in this way. 賁: 亨。小利有攸往。 Grace: Success. In small matters, favorable to undertake something.

21䷔噬嗑 Biting Through Shì Kè

☲火🔥 Fire ☳雷⚡ Thunder 雷電噬嗑; 先王以明罰敕法。 Thunder & lightning: Biting Through. Ancient rulers made laws with intelligence & clearly defined penalties. 噬嗑: 亨。利用獄。 Biting Through: Success. Favorable to administer justice.

20䷓觀 Contemplation Guān

☴風🍃 Wind ☷地🌎 Earth 風行地上,觀; 先王以省方,觀民設教。 Wind blowing over the earth: Contemplation. Ancient rulers visited their territories, observed the people, & gave instruction. 觀:盥而不薦,有孚顒若。 Contemplation: The hand-washing ritual is completed, but the sacrifice is still to come. All done & looked upon with sincerity.

19䷒臨 Approach Lín

☷地🌎 Earth ☱澤🏞 Lake 澤上有地,臨; 君子以教思无窮, 容保民无疆。 Earth above lake: Approach. Superior people’s will for instruction has no limit. They are boundless in their support & protection of people. 臨:元,亨,利,貞。 至于八月有凶。 Approach: Great success. It is of benefit to continue. When the eighth month arrives, then there will be misfortune.

18䷑蠱 Repair

☶山🏔 Mountain ☴風🍃 Wind 山下有風,蠱; 君子以振民育德。 Wind blowing at the foot of the mountain: Repair. Superior people encourage others to cultivate virtue. 蠱:元亨,利涉大川。 先甲三日,後甲三日。 Repair: Great success. It is of benefit to cross the great river. Before starting, three days. After starting, three days.

17䷐隨 Following Suí

☱澤🏞 Lake ☳雷⚡ Thunder 澤中有雷,隨; 君子以嚮晦入宴息。 Thunder in the middle of the lake: Following. Superior people, at nightfall, go indoors for rest & recuperation. 隨:元亨利貞,无咎。 Following: Supreme success. Perseverance furthers. No blame.

16䷏豫 Enthusiasm

☳雷⚡ Thunder ☷地🌎 Earth 雷出地奮,豫。 先王以作樂崇德, 殷薦之上帝, 以配祖考。 Thunder breaks out above the earth with a boom: Enthusiasm. Ancient rulers used music to praise virtuous accomplishments. They made grand offerings to the Supreme Being to be accompanied by their ancestors. 豫:利建侯,行師。 Enthusiasm: Beneficial to build up helpers & move the multitude.

15䷎謙 Temperance Qiān

☷地🌎 Earth ☶山🏔 Mountain 地中有山,謙; 君子以裒多益寡,稱物平施。 Mountain hidden within earth: Temperance. Superior people reduce what is too much, & add to that which is too little. They weigh things & make them equal. 謙:亨,君子有終。 Temperance: Progress & success. Superior people carry things through.

14䷍大有 Wealth Dà Yǒu

☲火🔥 Fire ☰天🌌 Heaven 火在天上,大有; 君子以遏惡揚善,順天休命。 Fire above heaven: Wealth; Superior people repress evil & promote good. They abide by the will of heaven to enrich their life. 大有:元亨。 Wealth: Great progress & success.

13䷌同人 Fellowship Tóng Rén

☰天🌌 Heaven ☲火🔥 Fire 天與火,同人; 君子以類族辨物。 Heaven & fire: Fellowship; Superior people distinguish things in terms of categories & groups. 同人 : 于野,亨。 利涉大川,利君子貞。 Fellowship: In the open countryside. Success. Beneficial to cross the great river. Beneficial for superior people to continue.

12䷋否 Standstill Pi

☰天🌌 Heaven ☷地🌎 Earth 天地不交,否; 君子以儉德辟難, 不可榮以祿。 Heaven & earth are not united: Standstill. Superior people restrain themselves to avoid danger. They seek neither honor nor wealth. 否 : 之匪人,不利君子貞, 大往小來。 Standstill: No benefit, although not of man’s doing. Superior people follow their principles. The great goes & the little arrives.

11䷊泰 Harmony Tài

☷地🌎 Earth ☰天🌌 Heaven 天地交泰, 后以財成天地之道, 輔相天地之宜, 以左右民。 Heaven & earth unite: Harmony. Rulers administer the way of heaven & earth. They assist in the proper balance of heaven & earth, in order to help people. 泰:小往大來,吉亨。 Harmony: The little goes & the great arrives. Good fortune, progress & success.

10䷉履 Treading Lu

☰天🌌 Heaven ☱澤🏞 Lake 上天下澤,履; 君子以辨上下,安民志。 A body of water lying open to the sky: Treading. Superior people consult both high & low & thereby steady people’s will. 履 : 虎尾,不咥人,亨。 Treading: On the tail of a tiger, which does not bite. Progress & success.

9䷈小畜 Small Harvest Xiao Xu

☴風🍃 Wind ☰天🌌 Heaven 風行天上,小畜; 君子以懿文德。 Wind blows across the sky: Small Harvest. Superior people improve their skill & virtue. 小畜:亨。 密雲不雨,自我西郊。 Small Harvest: Progress & success. Dense clouds, no rain from western borders.

8䷇比 Unity Bi

☵水🌊 Water ☷地🌎 Earth 地上有水,比; 先王以建萬國,親諸侯。 Water over earth: Unity. Ancient rulers established many states & were friendly with officials. 比:吉。 原筮元永貞,无咎。 不寧方來,後夫凶。 Unity: Good fortune. Examine oneself for greatness & constancy; without blame. If one hesitates & joins late: misfortune.

7䷆師 Leadership Shī

☷地🌎 Earth ☵水🌊 Water 地中有水,師; 君子以容民畜眾。 Earth containing water: Leadership. Superior people nourish & educate people. They develop a following. 師:貞,丈人,吉无咎。 Leadership: With perseverance & a strong person, good fortune & no blame.

6䷅訟 Conflict Sòng

☰天🌌 Heaven ☵水🌊 Water 天與水違行,訟; 君子以作事謀始。 Heaven & water, moving away from each other: Conflict. Superior people take good counsel about first steps. 訟:有孚,窒。 惕中吉。 終凶。 利見大人,不利涉大川。 Conflict: Sincere contention meets opposition & obstruction. If one is cautious, there will be good fortune. If one contends, there will be evil. Advantageous to see a great… Continue reading 6䷅訟 Conflict Sòng

5䷃需 Waiting Xu

☵水🌊 Water ☰天🌌 Heaven 雲上於天:需。 君子以飲食宴樂。 Clouds rise up in the sky: Waiting. The superior person enjoys food & drink. They remain relaxed & happy. 需:有孚,光亨,貞吉。 利涉大川。 Waiting: Brilliant success if you are sincere. Continuing leads to good fortune. Beneficial to cross the great river.

4䷃蒙 Youthful Folly Meng

☶山🏔 Mountain ☵水🌊 Water 山下出泉:蒙。 君子以果行育德。 At the mountain’s base a spring wells up: Youthful Folly. Superior people cultivate their character through decisive action. 蒙:亨。 匪我求童蒙,童蒙求我。 初筮告,再三瀆, 瀆則不告。利貞。 Youthful Folly: Prosperous progress. It is not I who seek them, the youth seeks me. The first time they ask, I answer; but if they ask again… Continue reading 4䷃蒙 Youthful Folly Meng

3䷂屯 Initial Difficulty Zhūn

☵水🌊 Water ☳雷⚡ Thunder 雲,雷,屯; 君子以經綸。 Clouds & thunder: Difficulty; Superior people bring order out of confusion. 屯:元亨,利貞, 勿用有攸往,利建侯。 Difficulty: Great success. Benefecial to persevere. Action should not be undertaken lightly. It is beneficial to set up a leader.

2䷁坤 The Receptive K’un

☷地🌎 Earth ☷地🌎 Earth 地勢坤, 君子以厚德載物。 The Earth’s condition is Receptive. Superior people have the greatness of character to sustain all living creatures. 坤:元亨,利牝馬之貞。 君子有攸往,先迷後得主,利西南得朋,東北喪朋。 安貞,吉。 The Receptive: Outstanding success, beneficial through the perseverance of a mare. If superior people take the lead, they go astray, but if they follow, they find a master. It… Continue reading 2䷁坤 The Receptive K’un

1䷀乾 The Creative Ch’ien

☰天🌌 Heaven ☰天🌌 Heaven 天行健, 君子以自強不息。 Heaven’s path is strong & dynamic. Superior people ceaslessly strengthen themselves. 乾:元亨 , 利貞 。 The Creative: Great success. Benefecial to persevere.