62浞藉皬閬 Small Exceeding Xi菐o Gu貌

鈽抽浄鈿 Thunder 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 灞变笂鏈夐浄锛屽皬閬庯紱 鍚涘瓙浠ヨ閬庝箮鎭紝鍠亷涔庡搥锛岀敤閬庝箮鍎夈 Thunder over the mountain: Small Exceeding. Superior people鈥檚 conduct is overly humble. In mourning, they lament exceedingly. They are frugal in spending. 灏忛亷锛氫酣锛屽埄璨烇紝鍙皬浜嬶紝 涓嶅彲澶т簨銆 椋涢偿閬轰箣闊筹紝 涓嶅疁涓婏紝瀹滀笅锛屽ぇ鍚夈 Small Exceeding: Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done; great things should not be done. A flying bird brings a message: It… Continue reading 62浞藉皬閬 Small Exceeding Xi菐o Gu貌

56浞锋梾 Wandering L菤

鈽茬伀馃敟 Fire 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 灞变笂鏈夌伀锛屾梾锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ槑鎱庣敤鍒戯紝 鑰屼笉鐣欑崉銆 Mountain below fire: Wandering. Superior people are careful & clever in imposing punishments. They do not delay the cases brought. 鏃咃細 灏忎酣锛屾梾璨炲悏銆 Wandering: Small success. Continuing leads to good fortune.

53浞存几 Gradual Progress Ji脿n

鈽撮ⅷ馃崈 Wind 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 灞变笂鏈夋湪锛屾几锛 鍚涘瓙浠ュ眳璩㈠痉锛屽杽淇椼 On the mountain, a tree: Gradual Progress. Superior people abide in dignity & virtue, in order to improve customs. 婕革細 濂虫鍚夛紝鍒╄矠銆 Gradual Progress: The marriage of a maiden brings good fortune. Persistence in a righteous course brings reward.

52浞宠壆 Keeping Still G猫n

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鍏煎北锛岃壆锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ濅笉鍑哄叾浣嶃 Mountains standing close together: Keeping Still. Superior people鈥檚 thoughts do not go beyond their situation. 鑹細 鑹叾鑳岋紝涓嶇嵅鍏惰韩锛 琛屽叾搴紝涓嶈鍏朵汉锛屾棤鍜庛 Keeping Still: Keeping the back still as to no longer feel one鈥檚 body. Going into the courtyard, but not seeing people. No blame.

41浞ㄦ悕 Decrease S菙n

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽辨兢馃彏 Lake 灞变笅鏈夋兢锛屾悕锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ嚥蹇跨獟娆层 At the foot of a mountain, a lake: Decrease. Superior people control anger & restrain desires. 鎼嶏細 鏈夊瓪锛屽厓鍚夛紝鏃犲拵锛 鍙矠锛屽埄鏈夋敻寰銆 鏇蜂箣鐢紝浜岀皨鍙敤浜 Decrease: Sincerity brings great good fortune without blame. Be persevering in this. Beneficial to undertake something. How is it to be carried out? Use two small bowls for the… Continue reading 41浞ㄦ悕 Decrease S菙n

39浞﹁箛 Limping Ji菐n

鈽垫按馃寠 Water 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 灞变笂鏈夋按锛岃箛锛 鍚涘瓙浠ュ弽韬慨寰枫 Water on the mountain: Limping. Superior people turn their attention inward to mold their character. 韫囷細 鍒╄タ鍗楋紝涓嶅埄鏉卞寳锛 鍒╄澶т汉锛岃矠鍚夈 Limping: The southwest is beneficial. The northeast is not. Beneficial to see a great person. Continuing brings good fortune.

33浞犻伅 Retreat D霉n

鈽板ぉ馃寣 Heaven 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 澶╀笅鏈夊北锛岄伅锛 鍚涘瓙浠ラ仩灏忎汉锛屼笉鎯¤屽毚銆 Mountain under heaven: Retreat. Superior people keep inferior people at a distance, not with ill will, but with dignity. 閬細 浜紝灏忓埄璨炪 Retreat: Success. Persistance in small matters is beneficial.

31浞炲捀 Influence Xi谩n

鈽辨兢馃彏 Lake 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 灞变笂鏈夋兢锛屽捀锛 鍚涘瓙浠ヨ櫅鍙椾汉銆 Lake on top of a mountain: Influence. With a humble manner, superior people receive others. 鍜革細 浜紝鍒╄矠锛屽彇濂冲悏銆 Influence: Success. Perseverance furthers. To marry a maiden brings good fortune.

27浞氶牑 Nourishment Y铆

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽抽浄鈿 Thunder 灞变笅鏈夐浄锛岄牑锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ厧瑷瑾烇紝绡椋查銆 Thunder rolling around the foot of the mountain: Nourishment. Superior people are cautious with their words; they restrain & regulate eating & drinking. 闋わ細 璨炲悏銆傝闋わ紝 鑷眰鍙e銆 Nourishment: Perseverance leads to good fortune. Observe the principle of nurturing & find proper food for nourishment.

26浞欏ぇ鐣 Great Accumulating D脿 Ch霉

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽板ぉ馃寣 Heaven 澶╁湪灞变腑锛屽ぇ鐣滐紱 鍚涘瓙浠ュ璀樺墠瑷寰琛岋紝 浠ョ暅鍏跺痉銆 Heaven within the mountain: Great Accumulating. Superior people study ancient knowledge to improve their character. 澶х暅锛 鍒╄矠锛屼笉瀹堕鍚夛紝 鍒╂秹澶у窛銆 Great Accumulating: Righteous persistance is favorable. Good fortune eating away from home. Beneficial to cross the great river.

23浞栧墲 Splitting Apart B艒

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽峰湴馃寧 Earth 灞遍檮鍦颁笂锛屽墲锛 涓婁互鍘氫笅锛屽畨瀹呫 Mountain rests on earth: Splitting Apart. Those above secure their position by giving generously to those below. 鍓濓細 涓嶅埄鏈夋敻寰銆 Splitting Apart: Not advantageous to undertake anything.

22浞曡硜 Grace B矛

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽茬伀馃敟 Fire 灞变笅鏈夌伀锛岃硜锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ槑搴舵斂锛屾棤鏁㈡姌鐛勩 Fire at the foot of the mountain: Grace. Superior people regulate people with enlightenment. But they dare not decide controversial issues in this way. 璩侊細 浜ㄣ傚皬鍒╂湁鏀稿線銆 Grace: Success. In small matters, favorable to undertake something.

18浞戣牨 Repair G菙

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽撮ⅷ馃崈 Wind 灞变笅鏈夐ⅷ锛岃牨锛 鍚涘瓙浠ユ尟姘戣偛寰枫 Wind blowing at the foot of the mountain: Repair. Superior people encourage others to cultivate virtue. 锠憋細鍏冧酣锛屽埄娑夊ぇ宸濄 鍏堢敳涓夋棩锛屽緦鐢蹭笁鏃ャ Repair: Great success. It is of benefit to cross the great river. Before starting, three days. After starting, three days.

15浞庤瑱 Temperance Qi膩n

鈽峰湴馃寧 Earth 鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鍦颁腑鏈夊北锛岃瑱锛 鍚涘瓙浠ヨ澶氱泭瀵★紝绋辩墿骞虫柦銆 Mountain hidden within earth: Temperance. Superior people reduce what is too much, & add to that which is too little. They weigh things & make them equal. 璎欙細浜紝鍚涘瓙鏈夌祩銆 Temperance: Progress & success. Superior people carry things through.

4浞冭挋 Youthful Folly Meng

鈽跺北馃彅 Mountain 鈽垫按馃寠 Water 灞变笅鍑烘硥锛氳挋銆 鍚涘瓙浠ユ灉琛岃偛寰枫 At the mountain鈥檚 base a spring wells up: Youthful Folly. Superior people cultivate their character through decisive action. 钂欙細浜ㄣ 鍖垜姹傜钂欙紝绔ヨ挋姹傛垜銆 鍒濈鍛婏紝鍐嶄笁鐎嗭紝 鐎嗗墖涓嶅憡銆傚埄璨炪 Youthful Folly: Prosperous progress. It is not I who seek them, the youth seeks me. The first time they ask, I answer; but if they ask again… Continue reading 4浞冭挋 Youthful Folly Meng